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Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising can be effective
if done carefully by our "campaigns" approach.)

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Adwordstm is great for Paid or Organic promotion, Testing Appeals and for Refining Strategy

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Adwordstm Pay-Per-Click is a great way to test appeals and ad copy before doing larger ad campaigns, whether on Google or elsewhere. When you learn to use Adwords efficiently, you will pre-screen prospects which reduces your cost per conversion to a sale.

Even if you only do organic promotion for ranking, if you don't test appeals and headlines for "pulling power", and keywords for "uniqueness", and what your competition is doing that works, then you probably have NO chance to succeed and will waste years of effort. Product features and marketing strategy can NOT be refined by guessing. Adwords and the
Google Keyword Tool are crucial to organic marketing.

More important, testing of keywords and appeals helps you do the research on appeals and competition that you should have done before you started your business, to develop your strategy, niche, style and targets. PPC helps you refine your all-important business and marketing strategy and product and business appeal distinctions (what to emphasize).

Google Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) can be effective if well-managed. It is a legitimate way to "buy traffic", and one of the few ways to get immediate traffic to your website. Unlike most advertising, you don't pay for "impressions", but only for persons interested in your ad. Your ad must be "relevant" to your page and the keywords (search terms) you choose.

To see how your website appears to Search Engine Spiders, enter your site URL (You don't have to enter a keyword): See how your Page appears to Spiders

To place an ad, advertise and promote your website properly with Google Adwords, you need to also improve the quality and relevance of your web pages, so your landing page words more closely match the search keywords in your ad campaign AND your ad, known as "relevance". If your "quality" (how specific-not general) and "relevance" are below 3 on a 10 scale, your ad may never appear on Google's sponsored links listings, even if you raise your bid high. (quality improves visitor experience). Adwords teaches what matters.

Do not attempt Pay Per Click advertising without reading at least half of this website, especially That last link can help manage an Adwords campaign. Start off slowly, limiting to one day at a time with a low budget, to learn.

Here is one of Google's guides to how to run your Google Adwords campaigns:

Google 's Tips for Success

An even better explanation of how to place an Adwords properly is in Google's support help page:

Understanding Landing Page Experience

Why a link to Google Adwords Log in?

For our clients' and prospective clients' convenience.

For traffic. On the big internet highway to Google, we hope you might stop off to learn about proper web site promotion, web marketing integration and best web site design practices for maintainability and updates to increase sales. When you advertise on Google, you should be aware of all the topics and tips that we offer for WebSuccess. Check out our menu and let us help you with your web marketing strategy and Google PPC ad placement, keyword selection and timing. There are many tricks to properly using Adwords. Check out our How to promote a website by PPC on Google, under Promoting by Search Engines and SEO. Let us help you

If you don't, that's OK. We had so much trouble finding the Google Advertiser Log in page that we felt this was a valuable public service to help with Google Adwords Sign In. For a while, Google made the Log in a little hard to find, and some people use "log in" where Google often uses "sign in" and the links did not come up.

What is PPC? PPC is Pay-per-Click---paying for clicks in search engine internet marketing to buy website traffic. Pay per click is a very effective way to not waste money when advertising. It does take some learning, practice and careful management which we explain on this web site.

PPC or pay per click advertising on Search Engines like Bing and Google for your advertising or web promotion-- can be effective if well-managed. Search engine advertising success depends on understanding web marketing. You learn how to do internet marketing correctly on this WebSuccess web site.

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