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Get THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS value. What is success of your business worth?

How much is two or three wasted years on the wrong track worth??
We help you get on the right track faster.

Good strategy and design are at the heart of any business success. DO IT RIGHT! Let us help tweak your strategy. Don't let a weak strategy or weak website kill your chance for success.

Most internet businesses need expert analysis to improve a website for more sales. If you read our Web-Success series and tips, you see why most web businesses fail. But every site owner needs specific criticisms and suggestions tailored to their website.

For real improvements to your site, you need an expert, not amateurs. There are blogs and forums where amateurs may criticize your site, but most are a waste of time or worse. The wrong changes or direction can cost you more lost business, wasted time and expenses trying what does not work (example). That gets expensive and can be fatal to the business.

Web selling takes a critical balance of better design, strategy, internet marketing knowledge, ad copy knowledge, testing, promotion and many other factors, including technical factors in the right balance. No one ever gets it perfect, but many companies get it very wrong. More than likely, you need a few minor web site improvements, as well as promotion changes on the competitive web.

FREE 1/2 Hour Consultation - Let us look over your site to see if a Website Critique is needed, and discuss your issues and goals

Or choose a
Preliminary Site Review - 1.5 Hours - Covers highlights and first impressions of your site.
Includes brief questionaire to understand goals, promotion methods and levels. $60.*
Lists the main areas needing improvement. Preliminary analysis of why the site is not selling.
* Free--- if you order at least $100 of website improvements with our BGdesign division. Business sites only. (Not available for CMS - WYSIWYG - Sitebuilder - Wordpress sites unless you are planning to replace it or augment it with a real business website).

Get a more in-depth study & analysis for only $120, 25% Off the regular $160 Price, a 4-hour WebStandards2020tm Level-I Website Critique


Put your request in our Contact form.
Request "Free 1/2 hour Consultation, OR Preliminary Review" --- OR --- "4 hour critique- $120 Special "
Or request a Full Level-II study, analysis and critique below (this requires some questions of you).

A basic Level-I critique (4 hours) provides analysis of main strengths and weakness of your website, typically in 4 - 5 main areas, and analizes most Promotion aspects, with suggestions for improvments, for only $120.00. That is 25% off the regular consulting rate of $40 per hour.

Let the leaders in Internet marketing and site design and maintenance since 2002 review your website for the base standards of WEB-STANDARDS 2020.

This sophisticated preliminary analysis ( WEB STANDARDS LEVEL I ) of your website rates your navigation, clarity of communications, advertising basics, Headings and headlines, text layout and organization, reading level versus audience, design features, artistic quality, design balance, graphics quality, effective image usage, interest generators, authoritative content, readability, load times, ease of contact, ease of buying, code standards compliance, web business strategy (preliminary), and web marketing strategy (preliminary)---on a scale of 0 to 100.

Level-II Critique (Site, Strategy & Marketing): If you provide details of your strategy, promotion history, promotion and advertising plan, budget, buying, placement and methods, we can provide a LEVEL II Review for $220 ($40 Off) for websites with less than 20 pages and less than 40 product items. For each additional item and page, add $10. We count each landing page and topic area of news-oriented sites as an item.

This Level-II critique covers every major aspect of your site and promotion and compares it to our WebStandards2020 standard, gives highlights, lowlights, marketing analysis, detailed ratings of aspects, and thoroughly reviews your promotion. You receive about 20 pages of very useful information to help your planning and strategy.

For questions or more information Contact Us.

To ORDER a critique, use our Contact form above or the Services Form and put "Website Critique" in the comment or question field. You will be contacted by a web business and design consultant for a preliminary brief questionnaire to identify your main goals for your site and business so we can GET STARTED helping you fix your website, or determine if you may be in the wrong business or possibly taking a wrong approach.

For web site and web business strategy consulting, we generally charge $45 per hour, and that rate applies to re-writing or writing content which is often crucial to a successful website. Don't have a cutesy, broken, cryptic or weak-selling site. FIX IT today.

NOTICE and DISCLAIMER of NO GUARANTEE: By your use of our site and services, you agree and understand that:
There is NO GUARANTEE OF YOUR SITE'S SUCCESS. These critiques and review are educational, observations, our opinon and suggestions ONLY. Do NOT use these suggestions as the SOLE or final reasons for your changes. YOU agree by use of our services that YOU are solely responsible for the success of YOUR website and strategy, and further agree to hold Buyers' Group MG and its owners harmless for ANY and ALL outcomes. There is no guarantee of fitness or applicability to your circumstances, because marketing on the internet is extremely difficult, fickle and unpredictable.

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