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We Help You Improve, Advertise & Promote Your Site for More Sales.
Want some Business? --NOTHING happens until you Promote.

Our Services are Reasonably-Priced & Comprehensive
for an Integrated Approach that Saves Money Long-Term

Flexible Solutions for Small Business - From help to Turnkey

Web Success is the Internet Marketing, Web Promotion and SEO/SEM division of Buyers' Group, alongside BG Design to provide effective integrated Website promotion and improvement. We encourage Web Business Standards and perform website critiques-Reviews and internet marketing strategy review/consulting.

From Strategy to Concept, Design, Ad Content, Headlines & Graphics/Image Enhancements, Banners for Ads or running your Direct Email Campaigns - we do it. Need help with Pay-Per-Click Advertising for IMMEDIATE Qualified Traffic? We do it right, affordably.

We integrate website promotion with design for improvements and maintainability to save you money long-term.
USA-based with All-American workers, we are available by phone (we call you back).

We help integrate your web strategy, website design and content and drive traffic to your site. We help you find gaps and weaknesses in web competition to distinguish your site while keeping it fast and user-friendly.

Reasonable Rates:

Our Internet Website Promotion and Marketing services range from $35 to $45 per hour.
Most services are $40/hr. For comprehensive programs or on-going PPC management, there is a 10% discount on service fee rates, or as agreed. You pay any Adwords or emailing costs. Our FEES:

  • Basic site review, critiques, analysis of your existing program are at ----------$45 /hr
    (Level-1 3 Hr Critique-$100 (25% off), $100 credit if you purchase over $100 web development services).
  • Simple content writing --------------------------------------------------------------- $35 /hr
  • SEO and Internet Marketing/Promotion strategy Review is -------------------- $40 /hr
  • Marketing Strategy Analysis and new Promotion Program Design is --------- $40 /hr
  • Campaign Design, Creation and Keywords Analysis-Setup is ------------------ $40 /hr
  • PPC Ad campaign Setup, monitoring, updates, scheduling review ------------ $40 /hr
  • Ad and Ad copy writing are --------------------------------------------------------- $40/ hr
  • Banners, Headers, EMail Campaign Design & Mgt--(BG Design Div)------------$40 /hr
  • Promotion Redesign for Difficult (not high demand) business ----------------- $45 /hr
  • Comprehensive Strategy, Promotion and Website Improvement Program
    (PPC, Organic, Vertical Response Promotion Campaign Design,
    Management, Site Improvements, Ad copy, headlines, content writing) ---- $40 /hr
    or --------- Monthly Quote plus PPC/ Vertical Response costs.

  • Pay per Click Adwords SEM/PPC Management
  • PPC General Help for $40-$80/mo (1 - 2 hrs) ------------------------------------$40-80 /mo
  • PPC Management, Nominal Basic, small company -------------------------------$160-200/mo
  • PPC Management, Advanced with more testing, small company -------------$240-280/mo
  • PPC Set Up for PPC Mgt. or Help --------------------------------------------------$180 to $600, depends on business, size, complexity

A large company or complex program is by proposal estimate, and actual time, most at $40/ hr.

Flexible Mix of Marketing Promotion Services - Whatever is Right for You

If your business is a good one but you aren't selling much, our methods can help make the difference between success and failure. You can design and choose the mix of services right for you. Many small businesses elect to have us critique their strategy and approach, and help design and set up the system best for them, and then train them to do most of the work themselves. If the staff or business owner is savvy and committed to doing things right, this can save money while creating a more refined web strategy.

Unique Combination of Skills:

BG Design and Web-Success' unique combination of unique experience, training and knowledge of business, advertising, promotion, web design, technical requirements, programming, standards and strategy improvement is unsurpassed. Although we are not the cheapest, we are affordable and competitive and actually less expensive long term by focusing on avoiding mis-steps and pitfalls of internet marketing and web site management.

Avoid SEO Service Dangers:

Read about SEO Service Scams and Dangers for helpful information. Beware of scams and hazards of using most other SEO companies.

Any company who hires an off-shore SEO/Search Engine Optimization specialist not associated with a professional web design and maintenance company---is asking for code degeneration and other problems. All updates must be W3C Web Standard-compliant and reviewd by a web designer who retains backups for version control.

Uncoordinated keyword and phrase development and placement can damage the website and the entire web marketing strategy, and ignores proper coordination of improvements in campaigns of ad copy and content testing. Most SEO companies are clueless about browser compatibility issues, proper version and copyright control and backups and code integrity management (security issues and hacker detection).

Such piecemeal site-promotion attempts ignore the need to integrate strategy, design and marketing campaigns. Nearing 2014, the internet is a changing complex technical competitive environment. Ignorance and poor management can destroy your web business. The time for amateurs and piecemeal methods is gone.

Web sites are like direct marketing. You must

  • choose an organic or paid promotion emphasis,
  • systematically plan, design, write content and keywords,
  • observe search engines' analysis of how rich and authoritative the content is, and
  • test visitors' reaction to changes, test versions, hooks and gateways and landing pages
to avoid wasting precious marketing resources. For long-term web success, it is critical to do Targeting, screening and qualifying prospects by testing ad-copy/content. It is also critical to use modern graphics, visual appeal and excellent niche positioning.

Only Web-Success and BG Design can bring you this level of service, expertise and integration. We are responsive and thorough while saving you money. We help you the way we would want to be helped. Your success is our success.

Getting Acquainted - Trying us out:

It's EASY! Just tell us what you want to accomplish. Though we prefer to eventually coordinate with your web design or marketing department or company, we're not asking you to turn over all your web design business to BG design, nor all your strategy development or other such major decisions. Even if you would, we suggest a period of getting acquainted and seeing how compatible we are. And we expect your prudent business practice of keeping an alternative to us in mind, regardless.

See: Simple SEO Keyword and Search Terms Services below. (But please read on if you intend to build a larger growth business)

Successful Growth Business Relationships:

For longer term integreated (proper) work, we are selective. Most companies aren't willing to study, plan and do things right. We don't believe in luck. We either apply real marketing principles in a changing environment (along with our careful listening to what you want), or let's at least do the basics. A few very successful clients who appreciate real web marketing is all we need for our success.

We don't tell you what to do. We appraise and suggest. You know your business better than we do. You make the decisions. When you give us discretion, you get our genuine effort to help. No one knows all the factors and nuances of the fickle marketplace. But we know how to discover what works best scientifically. If you haven't done, or don't have patience for testing and changes, and the desire and ability to communicate well to develop good plans, listen to suggestions and implement some, then we are not the web consultants for you. We approach this like a partnership where everyone analyzes, pulls and cooperates for results.

Look over our articles and guides relevant to your business. Tell us where your business is and would like to go---as to niches, positioning, geography and image. We need to know if you appreciate the importance of business strategy and how resources must be balanced and budgeted properly.

It doesn't matter what stage you are in: development, start-up, expansion, growth or mature stage. We need to know if your goals, abilities and resources match your strategies, the market and internet realities.

For example, we get requests from start-up businesses with no knowledge of types of promotion (organic versus paid), static HTML sites versus script-generated sites, and proper ad copy writing and campaign planning (Even for organic, your pages contain advertising). They don't know how page generators degrade code, and huge cost differences between simple sites and complex database-driven sites. Updates should be planned before the site is designed and built or scripts acquired and customized. You don't get a large site that looks and functions like Ebay for $2000-3000. Ebay spent millions and has a large support staff for millions of users.

You must balance your Promotion goals with your budget. We're not nosey about your plans and budget to know if we can get paid. It is more to know whether your company has a realistic outlook for success and has a congruent strategy of resources versus goals, and management ability. We prefer to work with people and companies with potential who can work well together.

Yes, we can usually build and promote a great website without spending tens of thousands of dollars.

But understand, the days of putting up a new website and getting organic ranking without spending a LARGE amount on content and inbound link building-- are pretty much past, depending on what niche you seek. If you don't go "head on" in major categories on major search engines like Google and Bing, then you still have to fragment your efforts among more smaller categories and search terms.

Getting Started with Simple SEO Services - Keyword and Search Terms:

All that said, let's get started and get to know each other. We will keep your strategy and finances (budgeting) confidential within our operations.

Let us know why you came here, for SEO or site promotion, or a few enhancements to a limping website. We do those at reasonable cost without a long-term agreement. For web consulting, we prefer to coordinate content with your web developer/webmaster to be sure about central control of files integrity and backup.

We prefer to start with a questionnaire and you reading up on our methods and priorities for a web site. We ask what you want from your website most, and your immediate plans and strategies. We study your website or plan, and your web competition. You explain your main goals and budgeting. If you commit to spend over $100 with us, we will do a brief website critique.

A website critique is important. No matter how much you spend to promote and to add a few keyword search terms, your site can not be successful if it fails basic principles. Most of our critique is about first impressions, appearance, speed, clarity, ease of navigation and whether it generates interest, comfort, and has selling appeal. You can get all kinds of traffic, but whether visitors are qualified, like your site and buy is more important. That is all about how your products and company are perceived and precedes any spending on SEO services and advertising.

To Get Started on PPC Ad Campaigns, SEO Service --- Setup:

If you want to get started in a simple first PPC (paid) or SEO (organic) approach, we can help SET YOU UP for about 4.5-15 hours of our SEO Services at $40 per hour, or about $180-$600 (plus whatever you plan to spend on advertising clicks or links). This figure will vary by your goals, business size, and level of progress so far, and by your site complexity and size. This Set Up fee includes research on where to effectively place search engine PPC-pay for placement and what words and phrases to try.

Such SEO Service cost does not include the approximate thirty minutes per page to install keywords-search terms and minor content wording changes we suggest to better match the search words and competition gaps. It is also to add necessary relevance.

Standards are important---to keep your web site looking good and functioning with all popular browsers like Chrome (Google) and Firefox. Server and Browsers and HTML versions compatibility is becoming a major problem for businesses, and many aren't aware people see their site as broken and misaligned, looking very unprofessional like a sloppy business. Ever go to a restaurant and turn away because it doesn't look right?; Website failures work the same way.

More important is how you intend to compete. Pay per click PPC search engine bidding is expensive, but can be effective if used properly. Expect to pay $.60 to $10 per click for many categories of keywords, typically $1-$4. That is where we come in to work with your web designer to also design for organic ranking which will eventually propagate. We urge a hybrid approach.

Realize that testing versions to improve the site, testing appeals and hooks and ad copy can get expensive. You may have to do much of that yourself using an intelligent staff person with our assistance, unless you have a strong budget. Unless you were lucky, you can expect up to 3 to 5 stages of a website over two years before you find the right look and appeals. Your service or product may begin to be self-sustaining by organic propagation. Some of our clients have succeeded and survived the economic downturn by our plan for organic placement supplemented by paid search engine placement and other efforts.

NOTE how we use the content words here "to improve web site" rather than "an improved website"? Subtle wording grows your organic ranking and helps paid promotion. Key words must match content to ever get top center position. Expert writing can get you there while keeping content interesting and readable. ($35-40 /hr)

Understand that early-stage companies typically spend large percentages on marketing in the first two to three years, 10% to 30% or more. If you want to sell $100,000 of products or services in the second year, you likely need $20,000 of promotion in the first year and $15,000 in the second year (in this economic environment). That varies greatly by the product and demand. Note how "margin" is so important.

For existing business and websites, we do web site critiques and strategy critiques. These range from inexpensive preliminary to reasonably-priced advanced critiques and audits of internet and business strategy. A serious business will opt for preliminary and advanced critiques.

PPC Search Engine Ad Copy Writing Service:

Any SEO company who does not write content and keywords mainly for readability and users is not the best. Ad copy, keywords, key word phrases and content go hand in hand. This is why we urge integration of strategy, design, maintenance, testing and promotion. The on-going iterative testing and improvement phases refine both the website and the marketing strategy.

We do Ad Copy writing for SEO and Search Engine Placement on major search engines, with long experience in copy writing to aid search engine access. Ads are at the heart of success, along with strategy, knowledge and persistence.

We know what buyers and prospects are looking for and what moves them to click and buy.

Most SEO companies will not tell you that traffic is not what matters. You want buyers or joiners, not just clicks. The goal of ad copy is to target, interest, tease and screen. We could get you many clicks, but you don't want unqualified curiosity-clickers!! You want BUYERS. (Our company is Buyers'Group, not Clickers' Group).

Avoid SEO Services who promise only traffic. If they are not talking screening and qualifying buyers, beware. Likewise avoid Ad Copywriting Services who don't talk about interesting content, screening and conversion.

Our Ad copy writers also aid non-profit organizations to emphasize unique appeals for funds, new members and contributors. But some screening is still necessary.

Finally, all the above doesn't matter if the content/ad writer isn't good at thinking and applying advertising basics. That only comes from talent, experience and study of advertising. Most ad copy is not very good. Minor changes make huge differences in sales.

To utilize our expert ad and promotion copy writing and content suggestions-- is $40/hr for a Senior Copy Writer. The typical perusal of your site, communication and study of your goals is about 2 to 3 hours initial set up and about 3 hours writing drafts to arrive at 2 to 4 ads to test, with perhaps a few content changes on a couple of pages. That's 5 to 6 hours.
There is no separate Ad Copy Set-up fee or SEO program required to run these simple tests. Testing is how you refine your site, your promotion and your strategy.

You basically pay for the time spent, whether one or four ads is produced in 3 hours. Creativity is not turned on like a faucet. You agree to pay for time spent regardless. If we have a real block, we will give you a break, at our sole discretion.

We suggest you utilize our Web Marketing consulting, critiques, SEO and promotion review, PPC or other paid Ad Campaign and Bidding Management, or allow us to coordinate and recommend approaches to your campaigns which are integral to a proper testing procedure. We urge your web marketing be run much like classic direct marketing company campaigns. Test similar ads. Vary one line of an ad and compare results. Test very different ads. Split-run. Compare.

Advertising Campaign and PPC Search Engine Bid Management:

We do Ad campaign management and PPC Bid Management on Google and Bing/Yahoo.

Our expert PPC Management Services are unique. We don't do only what Google and Bing want you to do because their goals are to make money off you. We believe it can be a conflict of interest for Google sales reps to advise how to spend your PPC dollars. We have observed advice counter to what we believe is cost effective.

Most Google experts are not trained to focus on screening prospects and cutting unproductive exposure. Microsoft's Bing operates similarly.

If you don't have a true expert in-house to do this work often with the factors we alert you to, then you may not be as efficient as you could be. If you want $20 million in sales, you could waste $10,000 per month in advertising costs if you don't do this right.

We can help young small businesses get started properly with Advanced PPC Management for as little as $280 per month in campaign and bid management services, after the first month or two. (Allow about twice that in the first two months.) (Plus click costs and any website updates.)

Or we can manage a nominal limited PPC campaign (about 10 to 20 Ad groups, 200-600 terms)) with some testing for about $160-200/mo (4 to 5 hours).
At the very low end, after we set up a Campaign with a few Ad groups and about 100 terms, we can monitor and help you run and monitor it for $40-$80/month (about 1 to 2 hours).

This is a Do-it-Yourself way of learning and testing for a very small business to learn and experiment until ready to do a well-planned multi-ad multi-group campaign.

Campaign management entails more than selecting keywords, carefully bidding and testing them. It requires direct marketing and targeting knowledge and a comprehensive view of content in relation to how search engines rate web sites. A campaign does not stand alone. It drives ad copy writing and site content to be tested and relevant. It requires detailed research into finding gaps in the internet market and within category ads.

Campaigns should test similar, and very different ads, in phases of site updates methodically within plans. Conversions factor is a key index. Our experts typically run 2 or more campaigns each phase with 2 to 6 ads in each, testing at least two tracks-directions in parallel. This should be planned and coordinated with the ad copy writer and website designer and content writer within the business's web marketing strategies.

Bid management is a whole other critical function where money can be saved while maintaining effectiveness. Buyers' Group methods are proprietary as to how we reduce overall PPC click costs and spending. We optimize bid versus category and vary PPC methods. Sometimes position 5 is good enough; Sometimes you need to be top center.

Top center on Google's semi-competitive search terms can not be gained only by bidding. It entails additional factors which only we can help you meet while saving you money overall.

We also can save you money with a simple ad campaign or PPC bid management service. We charge $40 per hour for such service and typically can set up and manage one campaign with one to four ads and about 20-30 keyword phrases each for about 3 to 4 hours per week. ($120 to $160 per week). Typically the first week or two will be a little higher falling to a low of about 2 to 3 hours per week per campaign of such size. This assumes you provide all the details and answers we seek timely early in the process and are available to provide needed information. These are costs for our service and does not include Google or Bing ad-PPC costs which we try to minimize within your budget. (It may vary a small amount outside of budget rarely).

Depending on the categories, for a small business with some competition, you can expect at least $50 per week for bids in addition to our fee, and more likely $100 to $300 per week for clicks if you are in a competitive area in a broad market or geographic area. Costs are higher early in the testing program and business start up, unless you intend to aggressively compete to grow big.

Each campaign should run about two to three months, without the tweaking needed to best learn more in a proper test. If we run two or three campaigns at once of a similar size, our time will not drop much per campaign due to familiarity and frequent access of all your bidding and campaign information. What we learn on one campaign versus others may cause us to suggest ending one early (like a bad clinical pharmaceutical or medical trial).

We can do good copy testing and keyword and bid management in a moderate campaign of two sub-campaigns for about $160 per week. If you add to that the PPC bid costs of say $140 per week, you are looking at a total of around $1300 per month. If we have successful tests and few changes thereafter, the costs could go down considerably with us only examining and updating your campaign one week per month for a total of about $760 per month ($160 to us), including Bid costs assuming your ad spending stays $150 per week.

By the fifth to seventh month, you may be able to manage most of your bidding yourself if you do not continue testing and if you hit on the right methods in the first few months. Bids and PPC competition changes however, so expect to update and improve your bidding and content and ad copy.

Larger companies with larger goals should realize that the above are the absolute minimums typically required. A $20 million sales company should probably be spending at least 1% of sales per year depending on competition, breadth of market and selling methods/force. That would be about $17,000 per month for ads, PPC and campaign management and promotion, with about 15% to 20% of that included for keyword and bid management and copy and ad copy writing for updates and a fresh look and competitiveness.

SMALL BUSINESS - START UP BUSINESS NOTE: If you are a small business, understand that the above $20 million business may be the competitors you must bid against. Big businesses, such as in technical services and programming expect to pay up to $15 per click. The only way to compete is to get expert help and realize that advertising should be about 3 to 5% of sales, or more. To sell $10,000 per month, you have to spend about $300 to $500 on advertising, AFTER you get the business running after a year or two---but much more during start-up.

Web Success Content Writing:

Many companies do not have the expertise to balance the many factors above and explained on our websites for balancing technical, search engine and human readability at appropriate target audience reading levels and demographics.

Buyers' Group personnel are not only technical and business knowledgeable, but made A's in English and composition while mastering technical subjects and technical writing. Adding our ad copy writing abilities, these are unique skills you can not buy anywhere else.

Knowledgeable in many subjects and business, law, technology, psychology, science and literature, we are comfortable writing on college levels and down to Jr. High levels to match different audiences and subjects. We know what is relevant, what people like to read and what is unique and expert. Authoritative original content is important to search engine ranking. You can not get to top center without it.

You also need to hear from your knowledgeable content writer when you may be entering dangerous legal areas where you should review your operation or statements or get a lawyer to vet your website and add disclaimers. Many business owners are clueless as to potential liabilities, fiduciary duties, fair trade practices, privacy act and credit requirements. Civil and criminal penalties are stiff for some copyright and improper trade practices, false promises or non-disclosure of material matters. Web-Success can not give legal advice, but we can suggest areas to check or research where you might need legal advice.

Finally, you can either write quickly and interestingly with proper grammar and flair as appropriate for your audience, .... or should hire it done.

Content Critiques:

At the very least, let us critique your writing as part of our website critique or content writing service at our same rate of $40 per hour. One hour may be all you need to fix some major faux paux

Web Site Critiques:

Site critiques vary according to your needs, from preliminary, at half off the regular $135 price (only $67.50 introductory price includes about two hours of analysis and hour write up of 3 to 5 pages). When you buy over $100 in services from either of our divisions, you can receive that preliminary critique for FREE.

We offer various levels of critique, and of different aspects of your web operations and marketing.

Web Standard2020 Standards Audit and Analysis:

We also offer web critiques with Web Standards2020 standards review and ratings. This proprietary audit and analysis is for serious businesses who want to do things right, and who have reasonable budgets to do so. These can be done in parts as needed and as priority, which we recommend. It requires up to two hours of management's time and requires about 12 hours plus write up ----Total $600-800.00 depending on the business.

Web Marketing Consulting:

Web marketing consulting is where we shine. This entails the above critique with analysis of the business and web strategy compared to the current internet marketplace web competition. It would be ideal to buy this consulting early in your business, or at a point you are revising your internet marketing strategy.

This high to mid level strategy development or review is oriented to middle and upper management and/or executive liaison to internet and web services department or IT department oversight of implementation of the web portion of marketing strategy. Only management can decide the extent of web emphasis in a marketing plan. That decision should be on-going, subject to intelligence gathering-observing the marketplace and advertiser competition.

This can not be static, but reviewed at least every two years in depth. By the time a larger company begins to implement the final stages of campaign design and positioning and image and content, usually two years is about over. A smart company will know this and top management executives will know and realize that the internet market place and competitors change quickly, as do costs. Bid costs change quickly nowadays, mostly upward. This is not a game for amateurs or even novices any more like it was in 2001, or even 2007.

Come to us for reasonably-priced web marketing consulting and strategy development and implementation assistance for only $40-45 per hour. You can't find better assistance for twice that price. Let us help you stay ahead of the pack to comprehensively manage this complex area. Your IT department and internal web support people will appreciate us when they can depend on plans and assistance that makes the difference and makes you money.

Turn Key Web Marketing Management:

Buyers' Group can aid your entire web marketing planning and implementation under our "Turn-Key Web-Success Program". We will give you estimates which we normally stay within, for Web Projects to manage all your primary web marketing needs:
We'll help match your Web Marketing Strategy to the real world within your Business Strategy. Under such plan, you receive a 10% discount off regular rates.

  • We will need input from an executive to refine internet strategy to begin an effective program of cyclical website improvements (ensuring operational reliability) coordinated with your budget and your people.
  • We'll emphasize testing content, keywords and ad copy.
  • You will provide information about your business, proof/review proposed plans and drafts and double-check and make suggestions and improvements to what we plan and design.

With Turn-Key services, we will manage your campaigns and bidding for PPC placement and/or suggest cost effective alternatives. We can either write your content and copy, or part as you see fit. Your ad copy writer may be better suited; We can follow suit to get those ads out and working with your strategy within budgets you realistically set.

Let's go over how we can offload your business staff and costs and put our experts on the job. We want to help you succeed, now. Give us a call 972-231-8112, or use our Quick Contact form above-right to summarize your interest and begin exchanging ideas.

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