About Us

Web-Success™ is the Business Consulting and Web Promotion division of Buyers Group MG, focused on web business and e-commerce.

Buyers' Group sales and consulting was originally established in 1985 in the Dallas, Texas area, presently in Richardson Texas. We began business consulting and programming originally in 1977, on IBM's approved 3rd-party Programmers list working with retailers, distributors, contractors and service bureaus. One of us managed and helped design and implement MCI-VERIZON's main graphical central office facilities engineering and planning system, called SiteVu.

The Principals of Buyers Group Web Success hold Cum Laude degrees in math and physics with computer and business electives, and are highly experienced in management, computers and internet marketing. We've managed both small businesses and major departments of large corporations. The two owners have combined 78 years of business experience, trained in programming since 1970.

Our name was recently modified to Buyers' Group MG to reflect our Marketing Group emphasis.

We know internet methods by long experience from the mid 1990's, plus research and testing of our own and clients' web sites. Our client list includes substantial corporate clients.

Clients appreciate our accessibility, reasonable prices, reliability and experience to help avoid problems and reduce maintenance costs by designing right the first time for more effective marketing, easier changes and maintainability. Our pricing is competitive.

Our primary goal is working with intelligent clients who can see the big picture and like to do things right... to help them grow and profit.

Our emphasis is on strong balanced strategies, market research and testing and standards balanced with technical proficiency.

We work efficiently by clearer communications, estimates, statements of work and scheduling. You can talk to us at 972 231 8112.

Our offices are located at: 400 N. Bowser, Ste 2 Richardson TX, 75081
Payments are made to:
Buyers' Group
P.O. Box 851981 Richardson, TX 750985

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